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U.S. M-1917 Tank. by TylerFreeFlight U.S. M-1917 Tank. :icontylerfreeflight:TylerFreeFlight 6 6
Blue Moon
   Blue Moon.
   Moon was so excited. The light blue sky pony with the mauve mane and tail pranced happily from her bed room to the kitchen. It was her birthday today and she hopes her special somepony will not forget. Her parents, Ash and Starry Love had always made it special for her but they had passed some time ago and only her sister Athena was left in her family. Athena was a bit forgetful when it came to birthdays so she was counting on her special somepony Quantum Glitch Moonlight to remember and make it a special day for her.
    Her deep blue eyes glow an eerie green as she uses her hidden magic to form a blade on her wing feather. She then uses the magic blade to quickly slice off some bread from the loaf. "Oh this day is going to be awesome!" She says as she makes her breakfast. "I just know Quantum is going to remember how much birthdays mean to me and make it special just like mom and dad used to. I wish Athena would remember but I know
:icontylerfreeflight:TylerFreeFlight 5 5
Apperson 8 radiator emblem by TylerFreeFlight Apperson 8 radiator emblem :icontylerfreeflight:TylerFreeFlight 6 0
NiteFall's Moments.
                                                                             NiteFall's Moments
     A howling wind, cold and constant blows steadily in his face. His dark blue mane whips out wildly behind him. Sitting on the ledge the black Pegasus gazes out across the valley. Night time is falling and most ponies are in their homes safe and warm as the storm rolls up the valley but not this pony. He needs his time of solitude and reflection. No storm is going to alter his habit. To NiteFall being alone is something he is used to. He is not a very social kind of pony anyway.
     Sitting there in the chill wind he sees lightning flash and light up a forest about two miles down the valley. The sight makes his memory drift back to another cold storm
:icontylerfreeflight:TylerFreeFlight 3 1
Equestria radio? by TylerFreeFlight Equestria radio? :icontylerfreeflight:TylerFreeFlight 5 5 Glowing vase by TylerFreeFlight Glowing vase :icontylerfreeflight:TylerFreeFlight 6 7 Pony by TylerFreeFlight Pony :icontylerfreeflight:TylerFreeFlight 4 3 Ducks x2 by TylerFreeFlight Ducks x2 :icontylerfreeflight:TylerFreeFlight 5 0 Sanctuary homestead by TylerFreeFlight Sanctuary homestead :icontylerfreeflight:TylerFreeFlight 2 0 Turkey 2 by TylerFreeFlight Turkey 2 :icontylerfreeflight:TylerFreeFlight 2 3 Turkey 1 by TylerFreeFlight Turkey 1 :icontylerfreeflight:TylerFreeFlight 3 0 Tucker by TylerFreeFlight Tucker :icontylerfreeflight:TylerFreeFlight 4 0 Classic old bank by TylerFreeFlight Classic old bank :icontylerfreeflight:TylerFreeFlight 2 0 Putnam CT falls. by TylerFreeFlight Putnam CT falls. :icontylerfreeflight:TylerFreeFlight 4 0 Newer VW van. by TylerFreeFlight Newer VW van. :icontylerfreeflight:TylerFreeFlight 5 0 Old VW van. by TylerFreeFlight Old VW van. :icontylerfreeflight:TylerFreeFlight 7 17


Memories by Laszl Memories :iconlaszl:Laszl 150 18 Anthro Starlight (Color sketch) by Yakovlev-vad Anthro Starlight (Color sketch) :iconyakovlev-vad:Yakovlev-vad 579 47 [Prize] Crystal Charm by KyuremGirl [Prize] Crystal Charm :iconkyuremgirl:KyuremGirl 8 7 My Little Pony: Ponyville Mysteries #5 RI Cover by Pony-Berserker My Little Pony: Ponyville Mysteries #5 RI Cover :iconpony-berserker:Pony-Berserker 144 72 Lunas Flight by NightlightCreation Lunas Flight :iconnightlightcreation:NightlightCreation 9 1
Evil Truth
I didn’t want to know the truth.
As long as I wasn’t aware,
there was the possibility I could change.
There was a slight hope I could Be.
I wish I didn’t know.
I wish I hadn’t realized.
For so long I believed it was ME,
that I am an evil mistake-
unworthy of Love, Hope, Happiness or Life.
But I found out-
it’s NOT my fault.
You, my family-
as long as I am with you-
I cannot change.
If I try,
you will crush me,
beat me down like so many times before.
unless I erase this truth-
unlearn it-
I might again want freedom and everything denied me.
I might fight for myself again,
full of Hate and self-righteous Wrath.
Everything will crumble around me,
peace and status quo forever lost in the screams and destruction.
You will never love me,
and never let me be loved.
This is a truth that exists as long as you, my family, do.
And so,
I cannot change.
I cannot have a right to exist.
This must be so,
or I will lose everything I have worked so hard for...
:iconkittysib:KittySib 16 14
Is it possible to completely abandon one's past?
To sever every tie to one's family,
and start over?
If I do this,
I might be able to live.
I might be able to love.
But if I do this,
it means War.
It means destroying completely any relationship with my family,
present and future.
It means losing my past and memories.
War means conflict and screaming and tears,
guilt, remorse, and wrath.
If I don't though,
I will never have love.
The only choice will be to choose to die,
slowly poisoned by them.
I'm afraid.
Afraid to try.
Afraid to lose everything.
It's so much easier to sit in their insidious poison,
telling myself I am Nothing.
After all,
so much of who I am has been
shaped carefully by that poisonous embrace.
She is unworthy,
she is broken,
she doesn't deserve.
To abandon that is to fight.
Bleeding and screaming,
breaking and fighting,
all for a maybe.
I'm not even sure it's worth it,
but before that-
Is it even possible?
:iconkittysib:KittySib 14 21
Tagzzzzz (Dun 1000 years later)
YES! I am free! FREE!!! Free from the tags! No one can touch me here! Celly can't! Ender can't! NO ONE CAN!!!
What... What the buck do you mean I have to do these tag-
... *Mumbles*
Oh... Oh so that's how it's going to be, huh? You think it's so easy do you? Why don't you do it then?
... *Mumbles*
How DARE YOU!!! If that's how you see chainsaws then! Well screw you too!
... *Mumbles an insult*
:iconenderhyde:EnderHyde 2 5
[Commission] Sky Battle by KyuremGirl [Commission] Sky Battle :iconkyuremgirl:KyuremGirl 14 7 Guardian Of The Night by Pony-Stark Guardian Of The Night :iconpony-stark:Pony-Stark 88 12 Robo # 1 girl by Oddends Robo # 1 girl :iconoddends:Oddends 10 3 Robo # 2 boy by Oddends Robo # 2 boy :iconoddends:Oddends 12 2 [MLP LUNA] Nightfall by EvanRank [MLP LUNA] Nightfall :iconevanrank:EvanRank 168 19 Car Troubles by Earthsong9405 Car Troubles :iconearthsong9405:Earthsong9405 1,974 119 Raffle Endergurl22 by Ghosheart Raffle Endergurl22 :iconghosheart:Ghosheart 8 10 Raffle Quantumglitch by Ghosheart Raffle Quantumglitch :iconghosheart:Ghosheart 9 21

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